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Florida Court System
Florida Supreme Court
Florida Supreme Court Docket
DCA Dockets
First DCA
Second DCA
Third DCA
Fourth DCA
Fifth DCA
US Supreme Court
Eleventh Circuit
Southern District of Florida
Middle District of Florida
Northern District of Florida

Court Documents

Florida Supreme Court Filing Instructions
Florida Supreme Court Internal Operating Procedure
First DCA Attorney Notice
Second DCA Attorney Notice
Second DCA IOP
Third DCA Attorney Notice
Fourth DCA Attorney Notice
Fourth DCA IOP
Fifth DCA Attorney Notice
Eleventh Circuit Rules and Internal Operating Procedure
Eleventh Circuit Electronic Filing Instructions
Eleventh Circuit Forms and Documents Page
Eleventh Circuit Briefing and Filing Instructions Page
Southern District of Florida Local Rules
Southern District of Florida CM/ECF Electronic New Civil Case Opening Guide
Southern District CM/ECF Electronic New Civil Case Opening Quick Reference Guide
Middle District of Florida Local Rules
Northern District of Florida Local Rules

Legal Research and Citation

Florida Constitution
Florida Statutes
Florida Rules of Procedure
Florida Legislature
Florida Administrative Weekly and Administrative Code
Florida Attorney General Opinions
Florida Supreme Court Briefs and Opinions
Florida Supreme Court Oral Arguments (1997-present)
Florida's Pro Se Appllate Handbook
Florida Legal Research Blog
LII - Supreme Court Collection
Public Library of Law
Florida Style Manual
The Bluebook
Introduction to Basic Legal Citation
2007 Handbook on Discovery Practice

Jury Instructions

Florida Supreme Court Standard Jury Instructions (Civil)
11th Circuit Pattern Jury Instructions (Civil)

Florida Legal Blogs and Websites
 The Florida Bar
Florida IP
Brent Britton
Sayfie Review
Florida Probate and Trust Litigation Blog
Florida Asset Protection Blog
The Appellate Gourmet
Abstract Appeal
Southern District of Florida Blog
Florida Jury Selection Blog
Florida Supreme Court Historical Society

Third District Court of Appeal Historical Society
Other Links

WSJ Law Blog
West Virginia Business Litigation
Health Plan Law
Electronic Discovery Law
Adjunct Law Prof Blog
Becker-Posner Blog
Journal of High Technology Law
Above the Law
Blog of Legal Times
Oyez - Supreme Court Media
Front page of Florida Newspapers (Newseum)


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