Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mandatory E-Mail Service In All Florida Civil Cases &

Last month, the Florida Supreme Court issued an opinion requiring email service of all filings in all civil cases effective September 1, 2012. The opinion, available HERE, includes specific requirements for the service of all pleadings and filings and what must be included in the email. Generally, service of documents is now governed by Florida Rule of Judicial Administration Rule 2.516. The subject of the email must contain certain words in all capital letters; the attached filed cannot be over 5mb; and the body of the e-mail is required to contain specific information.

[Update: I have not removed the post below but the domain is no longer active.]

To try and make it a bit easier, with the guidance of a friend, I created a simple website for users to insert information which will open up a new email in the preferred email editor (Outlook, etc.) including the required subject and text. If you go to you will see the first page copied below. It is not an extremely difficult process but look below for an explanation of the two step process.
The first page asks for the information below (the email addresses are created by me as an example---hopefully not real):
E-Mail Service Form
The second page simply asks you to click the "Open Email" prompt shown below:
Open Email
Finally, an email that look something like the image below will open in your preferred email editor:
Email for Service

Don't forget to attach the file you are serving….


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