Tuesday, September 25, 2012

11th Circuit Sends Bad Faith Case Back To District Court After Certified Questions Answered

In Chalfonte Condominium Apartment Association v. QBE Insurance Corporation (No. 08-10009), based upon THIS opinion from the Florida Supreme Court answering certified questions, the Eleventh Circuit released a published opinion holding:
Accordingly, based on the Florida Supreme Court’s answers to our certified questions, attached hereto as an appendix, we affirm in part and reverse in part the district court’s judgment. We affirm the district court’s judgment of dismissal of Chalfonte’s claim under Section 627.701(4)(a) of the Florida Statutes, because an insured cannot bring a claim against an insurer for failure to comply with the language and type-size requirements established under that statutory provision, and we instruct the district court on remand to disallow any evidence of the policy’s failure to comply with these requirements. We reverse the district court’s order denying QBE a new trial and instruct the court on remand to bifurcate the contract claim from the bad faith claim and to apply the deductible to any judgment Chalfonte may obtain on retrial.
The Chalfonte case was previously discussed on this blog HERE and HERE.​


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