Monday, July 20, 2009

Reply Briefs

Also from the (new) legal writer, some great resources on reply briefs:

“Well, let me retort.”1
A reader sent me this e-mail request:
I’m wondering if — in the future — you could comment in your blog on the process of preparing a reply brief in an appellate action. As a young attorney, I have been unable to find any guidance with regard to developing an effective reply brief. Are you aware of any resources or literature on writing reply briefs? It seems to be the most vexing part of my practice.
My response: You bet—that’s a great idea for a post. While I don’t have any original material to respond with, I’m happy to offer this collection of articles on reply briefs:
The Art of the Reply Brief, by Michael A. Pollard (from For the Defense, May 2009).
The Anatomy of an Effective Reply Brief, by Steffen N. Johnson (from Certworthy, Summer 2006).

No Reply?, by Thomas D. Hird (from Certworthy, Summer 2005).


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