Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chief Justice Roberts Denies Request To Stay D.C. Same-Sex Marriage Law

In  Jackson, et al v. District of Columbia Board of Elections and Ethics et al (09A807), Chief Justice Roberts released an in chambers opinion today refusing to block a District of Columbia law that will allow same-sex marriage.  Chief Justice Roberts stated:
The D. C. Charter specifies that legislation enacted by the D. C. Council may be blocked if a sufficient number of voters request a referendum on the issue. D. C. Code §1–204.102. The Council, however, purported in 1979 to exempt from this provision any referendum that would violate the D. C. Human Rights Act. See §§1–1001.16(b)(1)(C), 2–1402.73 (2001–2007). The D. C. Board of Elections, D. C. Superior Court, and D. C. Court of Appeals denied petitioners’ request for a referendum on the grounds that the referendum would violate the Human Rights Act.
Articles can be found at the following links: CBS News; Reuters; Washington PostBusiness Week; CNN; and Fox News.


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