Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Electronic Brief Filing Procedures In Eleventh Circuit

There are new electronic brief filing procedures in the Eleventh Circuit.  The CM/ECF page for the Eleventh Circuit can be found at THIS link.  The Court's EDF Login page can be found at THIS link.  The EDF page notes:
Please note the following:
To File a Web-Based Certificate of Interested Persons:
All attorneys are required to complete the web-based CIP. They must either enter the stock (ticker) symbols of all publicly traded corporations on the paper CIP or declare that they have nothing to enter. You will need your EDF ID and USCA Docket Number to enter this website. Once you have that information, click the button marked "CIP" above.
If you are submitting a brief:
You are required to complete the Attorney Registration. During that process you will set up a password which you will use to log in. If you have already completed the Registration you may proceed directly to Briefs. After completing the Attorney Registration, you may Login by clicking the "Briefs" button and entering the EDF ID you were sent by the Court and the password which you created during the Registration process.
If you need technical support, you may call the EDF Hotline at (404) 335-6399 or click the link below.
Eleventh Circuit Electronic Filing Instructions

You can view the Eleventh Circuit Rules and Internal Operating Procedure (Dec. 1, 2009) at THIS link.  Additionally, the Briefing & Filing Instructions page can be found at THIS link.


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