Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Supreme Court Reverses Two Cases That Granted Habeas Relief, Stays Live Video Of Same-Sex Marriage Trial & Amends Rules

The United States Supreme Court reversed two decisions granting habeas relief.  In McDaniel v. Brown (08-559), the Court reversed a decision of the Ninth Circuit in  because DNA evidence was sufficient to support the guilty verdict.  In Smith v. Spisak (08-274), the Court reversed the Sixth Circuit's opinion granting habeas relief "because the state court’s upholding of the mitigation jury instructions and forms was not 'contrary to, or . . . an unreasonable application of, clearly established Federal law, as determined by [this] Court,' 28 U. S. C. §2254(d)(1), the Sixth Circuit was barred fromreaching a contrary decision."

The Court also entered THIS order revising the rules of the Supreme Court.  THIS order stayed an order of the Central District of California allowing the live broadcast of a trial relating to California's same-sex marriage laws. 

On January 12, 2010, THIS order was entered denying a stay of execution in Gary Johnson v. Texas.  Certiorari was denied by THIS order in Dolan v. United States

Finally, the Court's January 11, 2010 order list can be viewed at THIS link.


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