Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rothstein To Plead Guilty On January 27th & Updated Document List

With the news that Scott Rothstein will be pleading guilty [see HERE an HERE], I thought I should update the list of documents.  You can view the documents at the links below and all prior Rothstein posts at THIS link.

USA v. Rothstein

*Report Commencing Criminal Action;
*Order on Initial Appearance;
*Waiver of Indictment;
*Minute Entry for 12/1/2009 Proceeding;
*Order regarding status conference, speedy trial and pretrial matters;
*Standing Discovery Order;
*Order of Detention;
*Order Setting Jury Trial;
*U.S.A.'s Ex-Parte Motion For Protective Order;
*Protective Order;
*Ex Parte Motion To Correct Protective Order;
*Amended Protective Order;
*Order of Recusal - Magistrate Judge;
*Motion to Modify Protective Order (12/15);
*Order Directing Expedited Response re: Motion To Lift Protective Order (12/16);
*Response in Opposition by USA re: Motion to Modify Protective Order;
*Reply to In Support Of Stettin's Motion To Lift Protective Order (12/31);
*Order Denying Stettin's Motion To Lift Protective Order (1/4);
*Motion for Alternative Victim Notification Procedures by USA (1-5);
*Order Setting McClain Hearing (1-6);
*Order Granting Motion for Alternative Victim Notification Procedures by USA (1-6);
*Minute Entry for Proceedings (1-6);
*Notice of Hearing re: Change of Plea (1-6).

Lawsuits Against/Related To Rothstein

Carolina Casualty Malpractice Rescission Complaint

*Exhibit A;
*Exhibit B;
*Exhibit C;
*Exhibit  D;
*Exhibit E;
*Exhibit F; and
*Exhibit  G.

Mass Mutual v. Scott Rothstein

*Exhibit 1: Life Insurance Policy.

Disbarment Documents

*Petition to Accept Disbarment Of Scott Rothstein;
*Florida Supreme Court's High Profile Order in Rothstein Disbarment Proceeding;
*Disbarment on Consent;
*Florida Bar's Affidavit of Costs in Rothstein Disbarment Proceeding;
*Florida Supreme Court Disbarment Order; and
*Southern District of Florida Disbarment Order.

Bankruptcy Documents

*Stettin's RRA Overview (12-3-2009);
*RRA List of 20 Largest Unsecured Creditors;
*RRA's Emergency Motion To Enforce Stay in bankruptcy court;
*RRA Involuntary Bankruptcy Petition;
*Emergency Motion for Appointment of Temporary Chapter 11 Trustee;
*Notice of 2004 Exam of Qtask;
*Notice of 2004 Exam of Levinsons' Jewelers;
*Subpoena for 2004 Exam of T.D. Bank;
*Notice of 2004 Exam of J.R. Dunn;
*Morse Notice of 2004 Exam of T.D. Bank;
*Trustee's Standard Monthly Financial Reports (November 2009);
*Status Report (12/16);
*Trustee’s Notice of Filing Corrected Exhibit B-18 (12/28);
*Schedules of Assets and Liabilities (12-22);
*Statement of Financial Affairs (12-22);
*Trustee's Motion to File Documents Under Seal (12-22);
*Verified Representation of Creditors - Razorback (12-22).

TD Bank v. Stettin et al.

*Motion to Deposit Money Into Court Registry;
*TD Bank v. Stettin, et al: Amended Complaint (12/22).

Stettin v. Rothstein

*Emergency Motion for Preliminary Injunction;
*Scott Rothstein's Notice of Filing;
*Trustee's Notice of Filing



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