Thursday, May 7, 2009

Third DCA Answers Two PIP Certified Questions

In United Automobile Insurance Company v. Millenium Diagnostic Imaging Center, Inc. (3D08-772) the Third DCA answered two certified questions from the county court.

Answer to Question I:

Based on the unambiguous language of section 627.736(4)(b) and applicable case law, we answer the certified question, as phrased by the trial court, in the affirmative, and conclude that the thirty-day time period set forth in section 627.736(4)(b) does not apply to claims for unrelated, unreasonable, or unnecessary treatment. Therefore, an insurer may challenge such treatment at any time, and is permitted to rely on a report, obtained pursuant to section 627.736(7)(a), even if the report is obtained more than thirty days after the claim was submitted. The insurer, however, must keep in mind that if its challenge fails, it will be liable for interest and attorney’s fees.

Answer to Question II:

The second certified question addresses whether the report, obtained by the insurer pursuant to section 627.736(7)(a) to deny PIP benefits on the ground that the treatment was not reasonable, related, or necessary, was a "valid report," as the reviewing physician’s report was not based on his personal physical examination of the insured, but instead was based on the review of the insured’s medical records, including IME reports.

[U]nder section 627.736(7)(a), the reviewing physician’s report issued to deny PIP benefits may be based on either a physical examination of the insured by the physician submitting the report or a physical examination of the insured by "another physician," such as an IME physician.


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