Saturday, May 30, 2009

US Supreme Court "Petitions to Watch"

The SCOTUS Blog has its latest "Petitions to Watch" which can be found here. One is from the Supreme Court of Florida and the information is below:

Docket: 08-1175 and 08-1229
Title: Florida v. Powell and Florida v. Rigterink
Issue: Must a suspect be expressly advised to his right to counsel during questioning and if so, does the failure to provide this express advice vitiate Miranda v. Arizona?

Opinion below (08-1175, Supreme Court of Florida)
Opinion below (08-1229, Supreme Court of Florida)
Petition for certiorari (08-1175)
Petition for certiorari(08-1229)
Brief in opposition (08-1175)
Brief in opposition (08-1229)


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