Monday, December 14, 2009

Scott Rothstein (RRA) Documents And Court Filings

I updated the list of Scott Rothstein documents.  You can view the documents at the links below and all prior Rothstein posts at THIS link.

USA v. Rothstein


Carolina Casualty Malpractice Rescission Complaint

*Exhibit A;
*Exhibit B;
*Exhibit C;
*Exhibit  D;
*Exhibit E;
*Exhibit F; and
*Exhibit  G.

Mass Mutual v. Scott Rothstein

*Exhibit 1: Life Insurance Policy.

Disbarment Documents

*Petition to Accept Disbarment Of Scott Rothstein;
*Florida Supreme Court's High Profile Order in Rothstein Disbarment Proceeding;
*Disbarment on Consent;
*Florida Bar's Affidavit of Costs in Rothstein Disbarment Proceeding; and
*Disbarment Order.

Bankruptcy Documents

*Stettin's RRA Overview (12-3-2009);
*RRA List of 20 Largest Unsecured Creditors;
*RRA's Emergency Motion To Enforce Stay in bankruptcy court;
*RRA Involuntary Bankruptcy Petition;
*Emergency Motion for Appointment of Temporary Chapter 11 Trustee;
*Notice of 2004 Exam of Qtask;
*Notice of 2004 Exam of Levinsons' Jewelers;
*Subpoena for 2004 Exam of T.D. Bank;
*Notice of 2004 Exam of J.R. Dunn;
*Morse Notice of 2004 Exam of T.D. Bank.

TD Bank v. Stettin et al.

*Motion to Deposit Money Into Court Registry.

Stettin v. Rothstein

*Emergency Motion for Preliminary Injunction;
*Scott Rothstein's Notice of Filing;
*Trustee's Notice of Filing



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