Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PIP Benefits - Third District En Banc Analyzed The Application of Two Subsections Of Section 627.736

In United Automobile Insurance Company v. Santa Fe Medical Center (3D08-547),  the Third District, sitting en banc, analyzed the application of two subsections of section 627.736—subsections (4)(b) and (7)(a).  The court held:
We grant the instant petition because the circuit court departed from the essential requirements of law by incorrectly interpreting the language of subsections (4)(b) and (7)(a) of section 627.736, and by failing to apply the correct law set forth in subsection (4)(b). In granting the petition, we clarify that subsection (4)(b) pertains to the time period for payment of PIP benefits if the claim is reasonable, related, and necessary. Subsection (4)(b) provides that when an insured seeks payment of PIP benefits from the insurer, the insurer must pay the claim within thirty days if the claim is reasonable, related, and necessary. If the insurer believes the claim is not reasonable, related, and necessary, it may: (1) deny the claim; or (2) pay the claim until it obtains a valid medical report under subsection (7)(a) and withdraw further payment. “Reasonable proof” when defending an insurer’s decision to deny payment of a claim under subsection (4)(b) does not require that the insurer obtain a valid report pursuant to subsection (7)(a), and the insurer may contest its responsibility to pay a claim at any time, and present evidence obtained after the thirty-day period has expired. Subsection (7)(a), which requires that the insurer obtain a valid medical report, only applies to instances where the insurer withdraws the payment of further PIP benefits, not to the denial or reduction of the benefits claimed.


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