Saturday, October 10, 2009

"World Day Against the Death Penalty"

Today is "World Day Against the Death Penalty" and the Christian Science Monitor has an article titled "Europeans press the US to end the death penalty".  The article begins by noting "The United States does not often find itself in a league with China, Iran, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia...[but] that list of the five countries where nearly all of 2008's executions were carried out is where the US finds itself."

The Brisbane Times has an article titled "Melbourne rally protests death penalty."

The Press Association has an article titled "EU in call to US on death penalty."

The Taiwan News has an article titled "NGO calls for universal abolition of death penalty."

The Belfast Telegraph ha an article titled "Bruton to call on US to abandon death penalty."

The Chicago Tribune has an letter titled "Death penalty is wrong."

The Journal of Turkish Weekly has an article titled "Swiss Step Up Fight To End Death Penalty."

The San Antonio Express has an article titled "EU says Texas, nation should end executions."

[Should there be a day in favor of the death penalty, and articles about it, I will post them as well.]


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