Monday, November 23, 2009

Florida Bar Files Rothstein Disbarment Pleadings In Florida Supreme Court And Lawsuit Filed Against Rothstein and TD Bank

The Florida Bar filed the documents relating to the Scott Rothstein disbarment.  The case, The Florida Bar v. Scott W. Rothstein (SC09-2146), was filed by the Florida Bar today and the Florida Supreme Court entered an order declaring it a high profile case.  The Florida Bar released a press release which can be found here.  A press release was also released by the Florida Bar on November 18, 2009 which can be found here.  The Disbarment on Consent is below:

Mr. Rothstein and RRA were previously discussed everywhere on the internet including on this blog here, here, here, here, here and here.  You can view the latest news from Google News here.  You can view a number of the relevant filings and documents at the links below:

Lawsuits Against Rothstein
Disbarment Documents
  1. Petition to Accept Disbarment Of Scott Rothstein;
  2. Florida Supreme Court's High Profile Order in Rothstein Disbarment Proceeding;
  3. Disbarment on Consent;
  4. Florida Bar's Affidavit of Costs in Rothstein Disbarment Proceeding; and
  5. Disbarment Order.
Forfeiture Action
  1. Amended Verified Civil Forfeiture Complaint (11-27-2009);
  2. Verified Claim of VRLP1, LLC;
  3. Amended Civil Forfeiture Complaint (11/23/2009) - Stricken by this document;
  4. Civil Forfeiture Complaint against Scott Rothstein;
  5. Inventory of Items Seized from RRA;
  6. Warrant to search RRA.
Forged Court Documents
  1. Eleventh Circuit order allegedly forged by Mr. Rothstein;
  2. District Court Judgment allegedly forged by Mr. Rothstein; and
  3. Joint Confidentiality order allegedly forged by Mr. Rothstein.
  1. Executive Order suspending Rothstein from Fourth District Judicial Nominating Committee;
  2. RRA's Emergency Motion To Enforce Stay in bankruptcy court;
  3. Amended Order in RRA state court receivership action;
  4. RRA Involuntary Bankruptcy Petition;
  5. Emergency Motion for Appointment of Temporary Chapter 11 Trustee;
  6. Andrew Barnett's Letter Confirming Todd Snyder's Money Was Being Held In Trust;
  7. IRS Ponzi Scheme Questions and Answers.


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