Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More On UM Law Professor's False Light Suit Against abovethelaw.com

I had a post last week titled "UM Law Professor Files False Light Suit Against abovethelaw.com."  The complaint can be found within the original post here.  Today, David Lat at Above the Law had a post today about the suit titled "Lawsuit of the Day: Jones v. Minkin (Or: Above the Law gets sued!)."  The Above The Law post is copied below:
For the first time in over three years of operation, Above the Law has been sued. We feel the lawsuit has no merit, but we will not comment further on this ongoing litigation. To access the pro se complaint, coverage by other news outlets and blogs, and ATL’s prior posts about Professor Donald Jones, click on the links collected after the jump.
Please note that we have closed comments on this post, out of respect for the judicial process. Thank you.

UPDATES (1:30 PM and 2:30 PM): Additional links have been added since the original publication of this post. They also appear after the jump.

Here are links to the complaint and other outlets’ coverage:

UPDATE (1:30 PM): Here are additional links not included in the first version of this post:

UPDATE (2:30 PM): More links:


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