Friday, November 13, 2009

Rothstein's Fake Judgment And Confidentiality Order

Of course, a fake Eleventh Circuit opinion would not be complete without the judgment from the lower court action - a lower court action that did not exist.  The forged Eleventh Circuit decision was discussed here.  The judgment was allegedly entered by Judge Marra in the Southern District of Florida and can be viewed below.

Judge Marra Judgment

Below is the confidentiality order given to the clients in order to make sure they did not tell anyone about the judgment - which could have led someone to figure out it was not real:
Stipulated Confidentiality Order

The Eleventh Circuit opinion I posted yesterday was emailed to me.  The two documents above are courtesy of Brittany Wallman at the SunSentinel.  You can read her article about the fake documents and the related fraud here.


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