Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Supreme Court of Georgia Upholds Sex Offender Registry And Reverses Murder Conviction

The Supreme Court of Georgia released two other noteworthy decisions yesterday. 

In Dunn v. The State (S09A1369), the court rejected a challenge to the Georgia sex offender registry.  The court's official summary can be found on page two of this link.  In an article that can be found here, the Augusta Chronicle states "The Georgia Supreme Court has rejected a man's challenge to Georgia sex offender registry law, which requires registration within 72 hours after a change of address."

In Gonnella v. The State (S09A0985), the court reversed the murder conviction and sentence of life in prison.  The court's official summary states "The high court has reversed the denial by a Richmond County court of Richard Anthony Gonnella's motion for new trial on the ground that state prosecutors failed to reveal that the main witness against him had worked out a plea arrangement that could have gotten him a lighter sentence."  You can read an Associated Press article here.


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