Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Supreme Court Denies Two Requests For A Stay Of Execution - Both With Three Dissents

The Supreme Court denied two requests for stay of execution this week: Elliott v. Kelly (09-444) was denied Monday and Simpson v. Thaler (09-7505) was denied on today.  In both cases, Justice Stevens, Justice Ginsburg, and Justice Sotomayor would have granted the requests.

Mr. Elliott was executed tonight by electrocution [see an article here].  The decision to die by electrocution was his own as Virginia gives the person the choice of how they would like to be killed.  

Mr. Simpson was executed tonight by the State of Texas. The Dallas Morning News states that "A convicted killer who volunteered for execution but in recent weeks changed his mind was put to death Wednesday evening for the abduction-slaying of an 84-year-old east Texas woman who was weighted down with a cinder block and thrown into a river."  You can read the Dallas Morning News article here.


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