Monday, November 30, 2009

Florida Supreme Court Denies, Without Prejudice, Governor Crist's Request To Impanel A Statewide Grand Jury To Investigate Corruption By Public Officials

In Statewide Grand Jury #19 (SC09-1910), the Florida Supreme Court denied a request by Florida Governor Charlie Crist to impanel a statewide grand jury to investigate "the ongoing harm caused by crimes committed by local and state public officials while acting in their official capacity. Public officials have abused their powers gained by virtue of their position." 

The Court's order denied the request without prejudice and was based upon the Court's finding "that the petition does not meet the minimal allegations required by section 905.33, Florida Statutes."  You can view the Court's Order here.  The Governor immediately filed his Second Amended Petition, which can be found here.   The original petition, filed on October 14, 2009, can be viewed here.  The Amended Petition, filed on October 27, 2009, can be viewed here


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