Monday, August 31, 2009

More on the Microsoft Word Injunction At the Florida IP Blog

More on the injunction entered against Microsoft at the Florida IP Blog here. Previous posts on this blog about the subject can be found here. The new post, here, includes a link to the Microsot brief, quotes of the brief highlights, and discusses the fact that HP and Dell have filed amicus briefs in favor of Microsoft. Regarding the amicus brief, the Florida IP Blog states "HP and Dell also weighed in. HP and Dell both argued that enjoining sales of Word would impose large hardships, as both of these companies distribute Word. Both companies explained their process for creating images, which are then copied onto new computes. For those computers that include enjoined copies of Word (presumably this number is large, but the amicus briefs are redacted to protect this confidential information), HP and Dell would need to create and test new images, which would cost time and money."


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