Friday, August 21, 2009

Newspaper Demands Blogger Stop Using Pictures and Articles

There is an interesting issue developing about the right to reproduce newspaper pictures and articles on blogs. Both positions are represented by the links below so you can reach your own conclusions.

An attorney for the newspaper sent a letter, through its attorneys, demanding the blog stop pasting pictures and articles into blog entries - whether it be an entire article or a substantial portion. The blog entry that led to the letter can be found here. Prior to the letter from the law firm, the newspaper sent an email to the blog which is discussed and quoted here.

The demand letter, which can be found here (page 1) and here (page 2), stated:
Because fair use looks to the amount and substantially of the portion taken (both in terms of quality and quantity), reproducing entire articles, large excerpts of articles or large-size photos is not permitted.
The issue is discussed in more detail at other sites which you can read, if interested:
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here at the Photography is Not a Crime blog;
here at the Man or Maniac blog;
here at the South Florida Lawyers blog; and
here at the McClatchy Watch.


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